April 2017: SpeakUp!, the third EA Speaking Competition, is held!

SpeakUp!, hosted by Engineering Ambassadors and sponsored by Monsanto, was held on April 1st. Finalists gave 7-minute presentations on "an engineering solution related to conservation, sustainability, or the environment," with EA advisors Dr. Amos and Dean Brunet, Engineering advisor Chris Migotsky, and Monsanto representative Jason Smith serving as judges. Scoring was determined according to presentation, elocution, clarity, creativity, and passion, and the benefits of finalist training in March's EA workshop and in one-on-one coaching clearly showed. Congratulations to third place winner Michael Neal for his presentation on pervious concrete, second place winner Aashay Patel for his presentation on refrigeration, and first place winner Emilio Rivera for his presentation on utilizing satellite imagery to improve farming efficiency and yields. The winners were awarded $50, $100, and $200, respectively, and special thanks to Sai Komaragiri and Jenny Marten for their fantastic presentations as well.

March 2016: EAs are crowned Knights and awarded!

Engineering Open House fun didn't end after Engineering Open House wrapped up! EAs Melissa Goetter and Viraat Goel both won best in their categories for the EOH projects their teams put on to excite, interest, and teach EOH attendees, and they were recognized with awards at the Knights Ball.

The Knights of St. Patrick, the highest honor bestowed annually upon a dozen of the most extraordinary upperclassmen Engineering students, were also knighted at the Ball and one of the dozen was our very own Katie Mummah!

In addition, EA faculty advisor Dean Brunet was named an Honorary Knight of St. Patrick for the hard work she continues to invest in the College of Engineering and its students.

March 2016: EAs give Engineering Open House tours

Engineering Open House is the largest annual student-run engineering fair in the US and was held on March 10th and 11th. With over 20,000 annual attendees, EOH introduces visitors young and old to the wonders of engineering through student exhibits spanning all engineering disciplines. EA played a role in EOH by providing tours to visiting groups, including school groups, and EAs were able to help people navigate the busy Engineering Quad to find their way to their favorite exhibits. Find out more about EOH here.

March 2016: EAs give a presentations to educators on and off campus.

EAs had the honor this month of having opportunities on and off campus to present to educators at home and across the country.

On campus, EAs Viraat Goel, Melissa Goetter, Sarah Kochanski, and Simran Patil gave presentations about effective teachers & classes and served as a student panel for the Collin Scholars program, a program for first year Engineering faculty at UIUC that acclimates them to the University and guides them on how to teach.

Off campus, EAs Sara Kochanski, Eddie Sun, Neva Manalil, Vignesh Sarathy, and Josh Lewis headed to a national TI conference for educators and were a student panel for questions the educators had about their experience at UIUC. Both groups did an excellent job, and we're excited to see how EA can play a role in improving education in coming years!

February 2017: EAs become resume reviewers!

As an extension of EA's partnership with the College of Engineering, EAs met with ECS this month to be trained to review resumes. EAs began learning about what they should look for in a resume and are hoping to begin reviewing resumes as CoE liaisons at the start of next semester. Specifically, an event called ReviewMe (shoutout to EA Lucas O'Bryan for the name) will be held throughout the coming semesters in which EAs will help their peers revise and improve their resumes.

August 2016: EAs meet for the first time for the 2016 school year!

EAs meet for once a week at night in a one credit hour course where they plan and discuss future EA events and classroom visits. Applications to join are open in the beginning of the Fall 2016 academic year!

April 2016: Congratulations to the 2016 Speaking Competition winners!

Six top engineering students in various disciplines were chosen as finalist to give presentations on "describing an engineering solution to a societal problem." The judges consisted of: Dean Marie-Christine Brunet, Director of Communications, Michelle Rice, head of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Penn State, Dr. Karen A. Thole, marketing and communications strategy leader, Bill Bell, and engineering alumni, Owen Doyle. The criteria for scoring ranged from content, poise, elocution, organization, ethusiasm, and creativity. Third place winner of $50 was Kevin Wang, second place for $100 was Aashay Patel, and first place for $200 was Shanna Bobbins. Honorable mentions to Virupaksh Agrawal, Jared C. Bowman, and Diego Deveras.

March 2016: Ambassadors make a trip to Garden Hills Elementary

EAs visited a local elementary school to demonstrate the physics of sound waves. Activities included talking through cups with a string, wine glass sounds, and drums.

November 2015: A new class of students join EA!

26 students were welcomed into Engineering Ambassadors the same night EA announced its newly formed partnership with Engineering Career Services (ECS). This makes the largest and most diverse class of ambassadors to date. With the organization’s numbers growing, EA hopes to continue to expand its horizons into new areas.

November 2015: Ambassadors meet aspiring bioengineering high school students.

BioE senior Asha Kirchoff explains and works with high school students at Judah Christian School to teach the different chemical compositions found within a prescription pill. These students voluntarily enrolled in the class due to an interest in Biology and/or Engineering. Kirchoff was able to demonstrate and show engineering applications used in the real world as well as discuss different opportunities found at the University of Illinois for BioE. EA has begun to expand the types and range of students they talk to by visiting local elementary, middle, and high school students.

October 2015: EA’s 2015-16 school visits has liftoff!

Illinois Ambassadors have begun a new season of visiting local Champaign-Urbana schools to help change the conversation in regards to engineering. EA has been working closely with schools such as Booker T. Washington Elementary, Garden Hills Elementary, and the St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy. Topics covered at these schools this year have included rocket propulsion (activity pictured above), the science of blacklights, as well as energy conversion via motors.

April 2015: EA’s Inaugural Speaking Competition

Five excellent presentations were given by top engineering students at the University of Illinois. The presenters were prompted with the task of describing an engineering solution to a societal problem through a seven minute presentation. The students were scored by three excellent judges with prestigious backgrounds: Assistant Dean Marie-Christine Brunet, Director of Research Communications Melissa Edwards, and Associate Dean Kevin T Pitts. First place was awarded to Aerospace Engineering Student Je Won Hong on his presentation of "Eco-Friendly Spaceflight System Solutions in the Future." Second and third place were given to Mechanical Engineering student Patrick Slade and Bioengineering student Blake Wilhelmsen respectively. Honorable mentions were awarded to Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological engineering student Jared C. Bowman and Bioengineering student Olivia Webb. Congratulations to these five superb presenters! More information about the speaking competition as well as future EA events can be found here.

January 2015: Illinois EA grows more than ever!

Ambassadors for the 2014-2015 school year were chosen after a very competitive application process. With 22 members and 3 advisers, this is the largest and most diverse group of members to date. EA strives to continue their great success as an outreach program!

March 2014: Engineering Ambassador receives Chancellor's Public Service Engagement Grant.

Founding Illinois Engineering Ambassador Asha Kirchhoff was named a Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellow in recognition of work done with the Illinois EA program. As part of the fellowship, Illinois EA will receive a $1,500 grant to fund work with the St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy

March 2014: Illinois Engineering Ambassadors offer classroom tours at EOH.

As thousands flocked to the Bardeen Quad to explore the Engineering Open House exhibits, Illinois Engineering Ambassadors offered guided tours to visiting classrooms of all ages. The Ambassadors personalized each tour to best match the academic interests of each classroom and served as role models for the younger students. Ambassadors didn’t just explain the engineering technologies on display, but went the extra mile to answer questions and discuss what is was like to take certain classes or have an internship. Across the two days of EOH, our Illinois EA’s offered tours to over 200 students, creating a lasting impact.

Fall 2013: Engineering Ambassadors represent engineering on campus and off.

Illinois EAs Martin Kim, Ravi Yada, Edgar Uribe, and Chuma Kabaghe speak to undeclared freshmen in engineering during their ENG 100 class. The EA’s shared their experiences in their respective majors and offered insights on how to get the most out of an Illinois engineering education.

Illinois EA hits the road. Ambassadors Zoey Sowinski, Jackie Yu, Vaibhav Maheshwari, and Chuma Kabaghe visited Dunlap Middle School outside of Peoria to discuss Material Science and Engineering, Bioengineering, and Computer Engineering.

February 2013: The Illinois EA Family Grows!

More than a year after Illinois EA’s founding, a new class of ambassadors is recruited. The new EA’s attend a weekend workshop to learn effective engineering messages and presentation techniques. With over 6 engineering majors represented, the new EA’s work together in interdisciplinary partnerships to create and deliver their first presentations. See our Members page for more information on our wonderful ambassadors!

August 2012: Illinois Engineering Ambassadors is founded!

The founding Illinois Engineering Ambassadors and Advisors at the Penn State EA conference.