Vignesh Sarathy





Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2018

Hometown: Aurora, IL.

Research/Work Experience: General Mills, Manufacturing Engineering Associate Intern

Other campus activities: Outside of Engineering Ambassadors, I am involved in iRobotics and ASME. As a part of iRobotics, I am the Public Relations director and in charge of putting together classroom visits and First Lego League tournaments together. I am also a part of the Junior MRDC team and we build a 150lbs robot every year. It gives me the opportunity to use my engineering knowledge on a physical project, and not just apply it to tests and quizzes.

Why did you join EA? As a child, I never knew what engineering really was. I heard that a couple of my friend's parents have parents that were engineers but I had no idea what they did. Through this club, I am able to allow school children to understand what Engineering is and what makes it different than a math and science degree and show them that it's really about design.

What’s your favorite part of being an engineering student? As an engineering student, I get to design and build things. I've been able to build an automatic jar opener and an automatic frisbee launcher for classes! The fact that we get to use skills and make cool projects is my favorite part of being an Engineering student here.

What made you come to the University of Illinois? It's no secret that the engineering program at Illinois is one of the best. In addition to this, I chose Illinois because of the great campus environment and the cool clubs that I could join.

What has been your best experience at Illinois? My best experience at Illinois was last year's Nebraska vs. Illinois football game. We were down by a touchdown with 10 seconds left and somehow, we won 14-13. It was awesome.

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing a STEM degree? Don't just go to class everyday, actually enjoy yourself on campus by joining campus activities!

What do you plan on doing after graduation? I would like to work in industry after graduation, and then possibly come back and get a masters degree.