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    Technical Communication

    Changing the conversation on what it means to be an engineer. As Engineering Ambassadors, we are trained in assertion evidence based presentations, designing engaging activities, and effective communication in team based environments. On top of being exceptional students, our communication skills allow us to be experts in anything we represent, from our individual interests to the entire College of Engineering.

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    Sharing our passion and pride, we inspire middle and high school students to challenge conventional ideas about science and engineering. Our ambassadors cover a variety of disciplines and stand out in their fields. EA netowrks with exceptional educators to make a positive impact both off and on campus.

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    Top Engineering Students

    Our ambassadors cover a variety of disciplines and stand out in their fields. EA netowrks with college administrators and faculty to make a positive impact both off and on campus. Through communication and leadership, we strive to become world-class engineers and seek to motivate the next generation of engineers to positively impact the health, happiness, and safety of our world.

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    Our ambassadors cover a variety of disciplines and stand out in their fields. Of the 15 College of Engineering majors offered at U of I, we have an EA member in every single field with the exception of General Engineering. As one of, if not the only school organizations with nearly 100% representation of majors, we can truly say that we are the face of the College of Engineering.

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    Unbreakable Bonds

    Engineering Ambassadors is a family. As exceptional individuals, we tend to form tightly knit, long lasting bonds with one another. It is common to see EAs gathering outside of class on our own time, both to relax as well as to study. We hold social events and act as pillars of support for one another when times get tough and studies get rough. As the saying goes: Work hard, study hard, play hard.

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    Professional Development

    The skills acquired from being an Engineering Ambassador apply directly to all professional fields. The ability to think critically, work in focused groups, and give compentent presentations are skills sought after by all professions today. This is without even mentioning the unlimited professional guidance available to EAs through our communication networks with other majors, school organizations, and outreach societies.

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    Role Models

    Engineering Ambassadors offers the opportunity to act as the gatekeepers for countless young minds to persue a career in STEM. No other outreach program on campus offers a comparable level of involvment and

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    Uncompromising Excellence

    As the faces of our respective disciplines as well as the College of Engineering, we strive to better ourselves in anyway possible. This has resulted in an extremely passionate and talented group of students that is EA.

About Us

Illinois Engineering Ambassadors is a professional outreach program sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Engineering. Our ambassadors serve as role models of engineering to those who are classically underrepresented and underserved in engineering fields. We seek to change the conversation about what it means to be an engineer by focusing on how engineers are positively impacting the health, happiness, and safety of our world.

We offer highly engaging presentations and activities on a range of engineering topics that are appropriate for many different grade levels. To ensure that our Ambassadors are well equipped to discuss complex engineering concepts, we train all our EA’s in effective presentation and communication techniques.

If you would like our Ambassadors to visit your classroom, please visit our EDUCATORS page.

If you are interested in becoming an Illinois EA, please visit our STUDENTS page.

If you are interested in partnering with the Illinois EA program, please visit our PARTNERS page.

Upcoming Events

Why Us

Effective Presentations

Our ambassadors are trained in technical communication using the assertion evidence presentation style. This allows for us to teach scientific concepts effectively to all age ranges. We have a library of presentations for all science standards.

Diverse Teamwork

EA emphasizes diversity within group work. We are proud of to be an organization with a variety of gender, ethnicities and backgrounds - each engineering major at the University of Illinois is also represented within EA.

Engaging Activities

We believe in hands-on learning. In addition to presentations, EAs design and implement an activity that will engage students and spark their curiosity for STEM in the real world. These are tailored for each visit according to science standards.

Reliable Support

There are dozens of EAs trained each year, which allows for us to cover off-campus visits as well as be involved with important events on the Illinois campus. EA is also guided by two faculty advisors and EAs receive training from faculty and staff from many units.